Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Absent from HNT

Not in the mood to come up with a HNT this week, I apologize if you came in hopes of finding nakedness.
Also going crazy studying for 2 of my hardest classes (exams for both tomorrow), so I am stressed to the MAX.

But here is a thinker for you.

If you promised someone that you would never abandon him/her, but he/she repeatedly pushes you farther and farther away, when is the right time to let go (if ever)?
And what if you just don't want to let him/her go, no matter how much the person is hurting you?

xs and os,
a very depressed MSW

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HNT #3: Tiny Hiney

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday, ladies & gents!

Who wants to come up behind me and give me a little hug?

Actually, it's been quite chilly the last two days, with the snowfall and whatnot, so I definitely won't complain about some cuddling too ;)

xs and os, sexies.