Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Absent from HNT

Not in the mood to come up with a HNT this week, I apologize if you came in hopes of finding nakedness.
Also going crazy studying for 2 of my hardest classes (exams for both tomorrow), so I am stressed to the MAX.

But here is a thinker for you.

If you promised someone that you would never abandon him/her, but he/she repeatedly pushes you farther and farther away, when is the right time to let go (if ever)?
And what if you just don't want to let him/her go, no matter how much the person is hurting you?

xs and os,
a very depressed MSW


Alfie said...

We both find it utterly inconceivable that anyone with more than a couple of brain-cells could ever, ever push you away!

Get8More said...

Acceptance of abuse in all forms is nonsense - sometimes the best answer is self preservation.

Mike said...

He/she would be a fool, a total fool or as i would say "dick head" But unless She/he is willing to take all the heart ache and pain of trying to hold on in a hope that He/she will come back and for things to be the way there were, then i would cast off my lines and set sail to new lands.

Fusion said...

I think you have to reach a point in yourself where you know it isn't going to work. When the hurt gets too much, you'll know.

Sounds so simple to write, but I know it's much more in reality MSW...

And at the risk of sounding like a frickin' parent, You really have your whole life ahead of you, with SO many possibilities, including those of the male kind ;)


d2b said...

Yes I did show up here hoping to find some sexy nekkidness but you're more than excused!

George said...

I think the first lesson to be learned is never to promise anything 100% or forever ... doing that makes it so easy to fail.

We can all take a lot of hurt and we shouldn't have to, but when we're afraid to lose somebody we tend to hold on for a while, no matter what.

The person being hurt will one day reach their breaking point and then it will be over. It took me 5 years.

Max said...

I think once you reach a point that you write something just as you did ... it might be time to move on. Unless ... it's family. That you never give up on.

Sorry darling that you are hurting.


Riff Dog said...

Oh, I'm sorry you have to go through that! You have a double dose of stress.

It sounds to me like you need to sever ties. Promises of "never leave you" always have implied conditions of "assuming you treat me with respect." Don't be a martyr. You have too much to offer.

Southern Swinger said...

One should beware of making promises. We do not know what the future holds, what changes we make, what changes others make. As Riff Dog said promises care with them conditions.

Max said...

Darling ... are you better now?