Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post Black Friday

So yesterday was the infamous Black Friday. For my non-American readers, the day after Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day full of amazing sales and shop-a-thons.
I had a meeting with a client at 12:30, so I left my house promptly at 9 to hit the stores up before work. (Even though 4 a.m. is supposedly the best time to catch the sales).
I got to Soho around 10, and the place was packed. Not that it's not normally packed, but this was serious.
Not to bore you with details, I attempted to shop, but I ended up waiting on the line for so long that I 1) never got to the cashier, and 2) was late for my meeting.
Post meeting, I went to Lowe's with my Dad to pick up materials for a job site. Same deal, who would think that people would go crazy over molding on sale? Ugh.

After Lowe's, I figured it was time to go home and hit the hay, but my best friend K is in town for the long weekend, and back to Soho it was.
Once again, the lines were long, long, long. And being 5'2", I soon got tired of being elbowed in the boobs by the 8 million girls fighting over coats and dresses.

By the way, I noted a very funny sight when I was at Forever 21. The store was half filled with bored men who leaned against the walls, and sat on any available flat surfaces while waiting for their women to fight over clothes. It was so cute! I wish I had a man who would wait for me while I shop.

That reminds me, I haven't heard from D in 2 days. Do guys not automatically know that their girlfriends like to hear from them everyday? UGH!

And for the shape of the economy, you would expect there to be huge sales for the cheap people (like me) who don't like to buy things full priced. Yea, that wasn't the case. Which made it even funnier that the chicks at the store would go crazy buying clothes that they can buy for the same price another day when there are less people boob-elbowing.

I did buy a very push-uppy bra that I expect to wear very soon.

Hope you're having a sexy Saturday!

xs and os.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Dear readers. I need help.
A few years ago, I came across a set of puzzle pendants from Swarovski. My first thought (and I still feel this way now) is that they are the best symbols of love and friendship.
However, little MSW did not have enough money to buy a set (not even one), nor did she have that special someone to share it with. Today, I have the money, but alas, they are not on the market anymore.
For the past 2 years, I have entered every swarovski selling store that I have passed by. And I still haven't found them.
If any one of you sexy readers know where I can get at least one, please please please tell me! I will post naked pictures in return! Heh, if that does anything.

Please help? Prettyyy pleaseeee?

Hope you're all enjoying this Black Friday! I know I sort of did. More about that tomorrow.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

HNT #1: Half Naked Thanksgiving

Happy HNT! Recently D and I had a little fun with some food. Here's a small sample of the menu. Part me and part D.

And Happy Thanksgiving, sexies! I'm thankful to have you guys around!

xs and os.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So after 2 days of snappy comments and smart words, D and I have called it a temporary truce. We spent today together in the city, doing a little shopping, a little dining and wining.
It's not that I haven't asked him to change. And yes, I've given ultimatums. I have also left him (more than once) to make him "see" what he's doing. Or not doing. But eventually we end up back where we were.
Others tell me to leave him because if he hasn't changed all this time, he will never change.
But it's different with D. Sometimes we fall into a rut like this, and he doesn't put any effort into the relationship.
But sometimes he can just be the most amazing, sweetest man in the world.
The bottom line is, I just can't give him up. So I shall continue waiting...

On a less seriously matter (or more seriously, depending how you look at it). My brand-spanking-new vibrator broke. Like, it just stopped working. And not because it ran out of batteries! Ugh, I'm shattered.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trouble in paradise

So tomorrow (actually today since it's after 12) is suppose to be my 2 year anniversary with D. 2 years isn't a long time, but for two people who had never been with someone for this long, it's pretty epic.
But no celebrations, because we've just exploded into a frenzy of snappy comments and "whatever"s.
And I said that maybe we shouldn't make it to 2 years. (This was before 12)
Is that childish of me?

I do honestly feel that he hasn't put in nearly as much effort into the relationship as I have, especially since relatively longer distance relationships do need that extra bit of effort to keep the flame going. But am I asking for too much?
I don't want us to end, I just want him to I being silly here?

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Two-thirds into the semester, I am now completely swamped with work. Quiz on Tuesday, test on Wednesday, papers due right after. And I am having the biggest writer's block of my life.
Makes me want to type in "Buy Term Paper" at Google and whip out that credit card. What do you think?
Will I be able to get some ideas if I just buy a paper for reference?

[Ripping hair out in frustration.]

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Way too cold today to make a long posting. And too much school work. And work work. Or I'm just too lazy (heh, it happens).

Here's a game for you:

The Other HNT is this totally awesome blog that lets people post their HNT pics anonymously. I just sent it my first pic this week, guess where I am?

Hope you all have that sexy someone to keep warm with.

xs and os.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter day

It is unbelievably cold today. When the alarm rang this morning, I got out of bed and turned it off, but could not fight the urge to crawl back under the covers. I put my alarm far away from my bed just to prevent this from happening, but unfortunately, cold days are cold days.

But once I got back in bed, I could not fall back asleep. So what does a girl do when she's half asleep and half awake and doesn't want to get out of bed? I started to think dirty thoughts.

A picture of D naked in bed forms in my mind. I imagine him all tied up at my mercy, imagining Mr. H (my nickname for his big boy) filling me up. I was wet and mighty horny within seconds, as I actually haven't had any of Mr. H for weeks (seriously, how do I live?).

Being too lazy to even reach under the bed and get my trusty little toy, I just reached my fingers into my panties and went straight for my clit. I began to picture D fucking me in my favorite position, the infamous doggy style. As I relish my last memory of him fucking me as I stifle my screams in his pillow, my fingers work faster and faster. Back arching, toes curling...mmmmm.

And then it was over.

7:15. [sigh] Time to get up.

Hi there!

Welcome to MSW. I am very mischievous. Naughty, even. But I am not hiding it anymore. In fact, I am Cinderella coming out at the ball. Hmm...maybe I should have thought of a more fitting name. Oh well, too late to change it now.

In this blog, I will try to get my lazy ass to update about everything. My naughty self, the things that happen around me, and D, the sexiest, most important person of my life.

Welcome to the party, readers.

xs and os.