Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trouble in paradise

So tomorrow (actually today since it's after 12) is suppose to be my 2 year anniversary with D. 2 years isn't a long time, but for two people who had never been with someone for this long, it's pretty epic.
But no celebrations, because we've just exploded into a frenzy of snappy comments and "whatever"s.
And I said that maybe we shouldn't make it to 2 years. (This was before 12)
Is that childish of me?

I do honestly feel that he hasn't put in nearly as much effort into the relationship as I have, especially since relatively longer distance relationships do need that extra bit of effort to keep the flame going. But am I asking for too much?
I don't want us to end, I just want him to change...am I being silly here?

I'm a house of cards in a hurricane.


Fusion said...

Happy 2nd, if you two make it there...
And the question is: does he want to change?

Alfie said...

Two whole years! Oh how I wish I could go back to our second anniversary - and do the same things all over again.

Mischievous Snow White said...

Oh, I don't think he really does...
He would have done it long ago if he wanted to.

Riff Dog said...

I don't think it's childish of you.

If you are unhappy and thinking he needs to step up the amount of effort he puts into the relationship, then he may need a wake up call. Meaning if you tell him it's over (and mean it,) after a week or even a month, he may realize he blew it and agree to put in more effort if you give him another chance.

Of course, he might not, so there's risk. But if you're not happy with how things are now, it may be what you need to do anyway.