Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So after 2 days of snappy comments and smart words, D and I have called it a temporary truce. We spent today together in the city, doing a little shopping, a little dining and wining.
It's not that I haven't asked him to change. And yes, I've given ultimatums. I have also left him (more than once) to make him "see" what he's doing. Or not doing. But eventually we end up back where we were.
Others tell me to leave him because if he hasn't changed all this time, he will never change.
But it's different with D. Sometimes we fall into a rut like this, and he doesn't put any effort into the relationship.
But sometimes he can just be the most amazing, sweetest man in the world.
The bottom line is, I just can't give him up. So I shall continue waiting...

On a less seriously matter (or more seriously, depending how you look at it). My brand-spanking-new vibrator broke. Like, it just stopped working. And not because it ran out of batteries! Ugh, I'm shattered.

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Fusion said...

Hope BOB has a warrenty...

And your BF snaps out of it.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving MSW!