Friday, November 21, 2008

Hi there!

Welcome to MSW. I am very mischievous. Naughty, even. But I am not hiding it anymore. In fact, I am Cinderella coming out at the ball. Hmm...maybe I should have thought of a more fitting name. Oh well, too late to change it now.

In this blog, I will try to get my lazy ass to update about everything. My naughty self, the things that happen around me, and D, the sexiest, most important person of my life.

Welcome to the party, readers.

xs and os.


Kevin Lomax said...

Good initiative! I hope to read the most naughtiest thing about you ;-) And please, illustrate with photo's of yourself.

Fat Controller said...

Hi there, welcome to blogland but be warned, blogging is addictive! I'll be checking back soon to see what develops!

Mischievous Snow White said...

Haha, thanks guys! I'll try to get off my lazy ass and start putting things down on the page.