Sunday, December 14, 2008


So, the holiday season is here, and every year before Christmas, I made an appointment at the salon to do something awesome and drastic to my hair. Last year during thanksgiving, I chopped off 14 inches and got a cute bob (D loved it).
So today, I sat down in the stylist's chair, and asked for a short shoulder length cut, just like the cute Nicole Richie (I even brought the picture with me). I also wanted red highlights in my black hair. 10 minutes later, and she stepped back and asked me if I liked my cut.
I absol-fucking-lutely hate it. And it looks nothing, seriously nothing like what I asked for.
Needless to say, I didn't feel like staying to get my highlights, and the only thing in my mind is how thankful I am for my large collection of headbands at home. I will be wearing them often for the next few months.

Have you had a hair disaster?

P.S. D and I had a great time Wednesday, and as soon as finals are over, I'll give you guys a steamy recap ;)


The World is a Playground said...

Ha that sucks. I tried to give myself a haircut once. i wound up having to shave my head completely. My mellon does not look good as a bald mellon either. I wore quite a few hats for a while, and people kept asking me if I had cancer

Alfie said...

What a sad tale. Emma once called me in tears from the telephone kiosk outside the hairdressers, refusing to be seen in public. It grows so slowly!

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side...maybe you will sweat less at the gym now ;) I hope not though....the reason guys like sweaty girls is the thought of getting them in the shower when they get home. I'm sure the hair looks fine though...keep up the good work killer.

Fusion said...

My only disaster was when it started disappearing! Thankfully some ladies like a bald head!

Sorry your trip turned out badly, hofefully it will look better in a few months, right? Not to mention as cute as you are, no one will notice ;)

Mischievous Snow White said...

Oh Fusion, you're too sweet!