Thursday, January 8, 2009

HNT #1: Freshen Up

Hi Ladies & Gents. Long time no see.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas/New Year breaks. I personally only had 3 days off in total, and have been swamped with work and school.
Hence why I have been completely MIA, and haven't been posting or reading all your New Year posts. I hope you haven't missed me too much (but it's ok if you did).
To redeem myself, I have an HNT for you guys, and I'm going to number it from the beginning to start afresh with the New Year.

Today is a big, big, big, big, biggggggg day for me at school, and if all goes well, my puny life might be spared from the wrath of...I don't know what. So fingers crossed, or else I would probably have to find a really tall building to jump off of.

Which reminds me...I've been unreasonably (according to D) stressed and depressed lately, some days to the extent of not being able to sleep more than an hour a night because all I do is lie awake thinking about the things that mess with my mind.
D keeps telling me that I need to relax, but when there's something, or many things, on your mind that keep bothering you and haunting you, there really is no relaxing, right?

Do you guys have any tips on how not to let the stress get to you? (Other than lots of nakedness, of course)

xs and os,


An Artist Exposed said...

I have no easy answer, sadly. I know that looking at your adorable photo helped de-stress me this morning. HHNT!

Qetesh said...

I find a nice soothing shower (or bath if you have one) great followed by a mind-numbing (work-free) orgasm just before trying to sleep is about the best de-stress I know of. Each to their own though :)

Super sexy pic as usual MSW, you spoil us :)

Fusion said...

First I must say great HNT!

As far as de-stressing? Kinda like telling the tides to stop IMO. But a nice massage sexual, or not, followed by sex isn't a bad way to go. Or a couple glasses of merlot ;)
Hope it goes well for you today!

Amorous Rocker said...

I did miss you. :) I'm sure lots of people did too. ;)

Awesome picture. You look fantastic.

I can't help with your question but I'll be back to see if anyone offered up anything helpful. I need a little help in that area too sadly. *sigh*

Hope today goes well for you! Happy HNT!

Alfie said...

If that's how you look in the kitchen, I would be surprised if you ever get any cooking done.

Mike said...

My oh my, what a lovely treat for the new year and welcome back!

Can`t help or offer any adive about stress, but you sure have helped me de-stress today ;)


Anonymous said...

OOOOO...just found you! You have a lovely lovely body. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

That is one gorgeous body you've got there. As far as de-stressing goes, I find nothing works better than exercise for me. Spend 50 minutes or so pounding it out an elliptical or treadmill and you'll feel better, guaranteed!


Anonymous said...

I agree with swingerwife on all counts...exercise helps me de-stress. Obviously your body DOES NOT need the work, so please don't stress about that ;)

Vixen said...

I'm so sorry about your stress. I can relate.

Completely *HOT* pic. LOOOOOOOOVE the bare body, legs and then heels. Wow.


Kevin Lomax said...

Beautiful pic: you're blessed with such a body! It's a pleasure to watch you ;-P

White Light said...

School will do that to you, hope everything goes well... amazing body btw, something about the nipples ;-)


d2b said...

Good luck at that bigggggggg day at school.

You have an incredible good looking body sitting there :)

Happy HNT!!!

Fat Controller said...

What a gorgeous picture, a real treat!

Sorry, no de-stressing tips from here. I have the same problem, not posting the posts I have bursting to be written and not reading the posts on the other blogs that I love to read. It's all very frustrating. A massage with soothing oils (thyme or lavender) is the best I can come up with.

Mariposa said...

Beauty is sitting in front of my lovely you are!

For some serious note, I have to take Vit. B and B Complex at least twice a day to keep myself sane...I mean to get through stress!


Mischievous Snow White said...

Artist, Qetesh, Fusion: You guys are too kind!
AR: Honey I missed you too! D gave me a sexy massage today and it was AWESOME.
Alfie: The shot was actually taken in the bathroom, but I usually get no cooking done anyway...because I don't know how to cook =X
Mike: Very glad to help ;)
JT: Thank you and welcome!
Swingerwife, ED: I have heard of that advice before, but I am definitely guilty of a severe case of workout-phobia...
Vixen, KL, WL, d2b: Thank you, thank you! Happy HNT to you all!
FC: I tried that today and it was Amazing! Thanks, hun!
Mariposa: Oh you're too kind! And sanity definitely goes hand in hand with de-stress ;)

George said...

Drool inducing pic ... beautiful.

Two suggestions for destressing ... (1) talk to yourself, and be positive (2) write a journal ... spell it all out but don't limit it to what's stressing you. Include the good stuff as well.

Doing these two things (as well as taking meds) got me through a very severe depression a couple of years ago.

Trust me, they work.

Be well.

Min said...

Delightful photo as always. Welcome back :)

I find the best way to avoid stress is to be organised. Unfortunately the fact that I am still stressed sometimes shows that I suck at being organised...


Anonymous said...

your body is absolutely delightful, stellar, stunning and wonderful.

To relax see everyone you meet and everyone around naked.
Works for me. Good luck!

13messages said...

All I do is stress, so good luck to you and clue me in if you figure out how to deal. :)

Lovely HNT, by the way. You're beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed this one first time around....gorgeous!

B said...

long showers
reading blogs
venting on my own blog
playing tetris
stroking my cat
stroking my husband whilst chilling in front of a good film
reading the sunday paper
thermae spa

as for not sleeping I was told it helps if you turn around so your feet are where your head was. I dunno, but I guess it's worth a try (something to do with feng shui). Never have a bath before bed (you want to lower your body temp not raise it).
Personally I find if i can't sleep the best thing is to get out of bed and do something, then go back when you are ready. The bedroom should be a haven of relaxation. No distractions (no telly esp.).

anyway. Your pic is absolutely gorgeous.

Happy belated HNT