Friday, May 8, 2009

Last words

I just found out the worst thing a girl can ever hear.

My suspicions were right, and D is in love with K. I snooped like I shouldn't have, but I am glad I finally found my reason.

D told K that the only reason he was with me was because he needed to get over the girl who broke his heart.

So for the past two years, I've been living a lie, because I knew about it, I just never had the guts to admit to myself what I've been suspecting about the person I love was right.

At first, I was shattered. I began hyperventilating, and all I wanted to do was to freak out and hurt someone/myself.
But if he doesn't respect me enough to tell me the truth, or even to not use me in the beginning, then he doesn't deserve me to do anything for him, ever again.

I went to K to tell her not to break his heart, and whether they will start a relationship or not, she should be good to him.
That will be the last thing I ever do for that man.

This blog has way too much to do with my life with him, and starting May 18th, I will be leaving the country for close to 2 months.

So the next time I speak to you, it might be through a new blog. I will have a new mindset, and things will be different.

Goodbye for now.


Riff Dog said...

This sounds like you're handling this very well. You will find find true (and honest) happiness with someone else. I promise you.

If you do start up with a new bog somewhere, please do let me know.

Alfie said...

We truly hope a break abroad helps you get over this one-sided relationship. Whatever you feel about it, he wasn't worthy of you, and you deserve so much better. Please, please, please let us know by a comment if you start a new Blog.

Get8More said...

I hope you are doing well and I want you to come back... ;(

Fusion said...

MSW, I just read throught the last 7-8 posts, catching up.
Agreeing that melancholy is such a weirdly beautiful word.
I'm so sorry things ended up like they did for you with D. Leaving the country will be good for you, new adventures and scenery will help, I know. Moving to Australia was so good for me to help start afresh.
Good luck in your life, and please come by my blog and let me if you start a new one down the road.
Take good care and be well,

Anonymous said...

I am a new reader (about 4 months or so) and I wish you well. Please stop by my blog when you get back in gear. Romance is a bitch and a little time will serve you well.

Much love and happiness to you.


nishi said...

i guess this is the first of ur posts that i ve read. sorry it turned out this way.
believe in the brighter side of things (thers alwes one)..
take care.. hope to c u blogging soon

Amorous Rocker said...

I wish you well darling. This is tough. Even though you knew deep inside, that never makes coping any easier.

I hope to see you back around once you're back from your trip. Even if it is through a diff blog.

I wish you the best darlin'. Take care of yourself. ((hugs))

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